Audience Values

There are some dos and don’ts for theatre-goers.  Here are a few:

  • DO say “hello” to your neighbor. And then say “hello” to your other neighbor.  Desert TheatreWorks is a Community Theatre.  That means we gather as a community to experience the magic of theatre together.  So get to know each other!
  • DO come as you are. Wear whatever the heck you want!  Dressy or casual, we won’t judge!  Express yourself as YOU!  (Just keep it decent!)  The way you present yourself to the world is an expression of your own identity, and EVERYONE is welcome at DTW!  You may even want to dress in the theme of the show you’re seeing!  How fun would that be?
  • DO feel free to react throughout the show. Laugh, cry, boo the villain, participate!  It’s live theatre!  For a performance to be a success, the actors and audience need to feed off each other’s energy.  Have fun!
  • DO check in on social media. We just ask that you do so before or after the show, or during intermission.
  • DO be kind to others. You never know what another person may be going through, so kindness is always the best policy.  This includes to our staff and volunteers, too.  Most of our Front of House Staff are volunteers.  We rely a lot on them here at DTW to keep things moving smoothly… so be kind to them!  We like happy volunteers!  (This is for new folks, of course, as our current patrons are the BEST!)
  • DO enjoy a popcorn, candy, soda, buzzbox cocktail (or two!), or other refreshment at your seat in the theatre. (All available at our Snack Bar!)  We just ask that you unwrap your candy before the show or during intermission, and that you take your empty cups and wrappers to a trash receptacle after the show.  Please, no outside food or drinks allowed.
  • DO come early!  We open the doors an hour before showtime.  The earlier you are, you get the best parking, get your tickets at Will Call sooner, beat the crowd at the snack bar, and have time to settle in your seat while looking at the new Digital Program!

We prefer DOS over DON’TS.  Who needs that negativity?  But there are some DON’TS that help keep the theatre experience magical.

  • DON’T wear strong scents (lotions, perfume, cologne). Many people are allergic to scents.  You don’t want your neighbors coughing throughout the performance, do you?
  • DON’T talk or sing during a performance, unless encouraged to by a performer onstage. Even if you sing like Barbra Streisand, folks come to hear the actors, not you.  If you happen to actually BE Barbra Streisand, feel free to do whatever you want! I LOVE YOU!
  • DON’T text or check social media during the performance.
  • DON’T take photographs or video during the performance. In fact…
  • DON’T use your phone or other electronic devices AT ALL during the show! It’s a distraction to everyone… including those on stage who are working super hard to entertain you.  Just turn it off!  Your messages will still be there during intermission or after the show.
  • DON’T smoke or vape anywhere in the Indio Performing Arts Center. Have your smoky treats outside before or after the show.